The Cause


“Our mission is to empower kids to make amazing things happen in their lives by teaching them how to make amazing things happen in the kitchen.

Research shows, kids in lower income communities are less likely to grow up believing they are in control of what happens in their lives. This world view is correlated to negative life outcomes in health, career, income, and happiness. By teaching kids to set goals, follow a plan, push through when things get tough, and ultimately succeed, we can help shape the way they approach their world.

We teach weekly cooking lessons to kids aged 9-12 in low-income Chicago neighborhoods. In each 8-week session, the kids experience real life lessons firsthand - things like the importance of patience, that it’s ok to ask for help, how to course-correct when things aren’t going as planned. Each class follows the "5 Steps to Cook Anything" - a model that can be applied outside of the kitchen toward the kids' challenges and goals in life.”